CNN Interviews Co-Founder of UOSSM USA, About Ukraine and Syria

UOSSM USA’s Co-founder Dr. Monzer Yazji,  was interviewed by CNN on his recent medical missions in Ukraine. Dr. Yazji has gone to Syria throughout the past 10 years helping doctors and to alleviate the incredible suffering of the people. He felt a duty to share that expertise and support with the people of Ukraine as they are suffering under similar circumstances.

Dr. Yazji said, “Dr. Sanjay Gupta and CNN interviewed me about my medical missions in Ukraine and my past medical missions in Syria.In addition, the Ukrainian doctors are physically and emotionally exhausted. I was able to provide them with mental health support, and shared my experiences on the ground in Syria for the past 11 years and ways to cope with the stress. We also provided Ukrainian doctors with trainings, and helped continue to provide medical care, urgent medical and humanitarian relief to those affected by the brutal war at our clinics.

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