Emergency Lifesaving Nutrition Aid

Proactive Measures to Improve Health And Prevent Malnutrition

The situation continues to be dire in areas of displacement and other areas of need in northwest Syria. Many of the families have been displaced several times and suffer from emotional stress. Malnutrition cases are on the rise and inflation in the cost of food is further complicating the situation, making it even more difficult for people to find their next meal. Many struggle financially to even buy a loaf of bread. Women and children are the most vulnerable as they are 75% of the displaced population.

In addition to screening for and treating malnutrition, UOSSM Turkey worked on the distribution of nutritious food to improve the health of affected families, prevent malnutrition, and boost immunity of the people, especially the most vulnerable, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

UOSSM Turkey’s staff distributing nutritious food in displacement camps in northern Syria.

A young boy is so happy to receive bread, part of UOSSM’s initiative to provide nutritious food to displaced and needy families in Syrian displacement camps.

The Syrian displaced communities are among the most vulnerable from the coronavirus. With no option to social distance, a shortage of medical supplies, equipment and PPE, and no access to clean water and soap, UOSSM became extremely concerned with the well-being of the people. UOSSM Turkey wanted to take proactive measures by strengthening the immunity of Syrian families and thus began distributing nutritious food to displaced families. Through January 2021, UOSSM has distributed over 5000 nutritious food baskets to over 5000 families. Each nutritious food basket contains nutritious food essentials for a family of five for a full month. The goal of the distribution of the nutritious food is to improve their health, prevent malnutrition, and boost their immunity during COVID-19 in hopes of warding off the spread of the coronavirus.