Hathi Hayati Partnership

Shelter - قطاع المأوى

Al-Hayat Village was the first village we began to establish in 2021. The main goal for this village was to move 200 families from tents into homes with walls. Each apartment consists of two rooms, a kitchen, bathroom, all utilities, and green space. 

Thanks to our supporters, Al Hayat Village apartments are complete and fully occupied, but thousands of displaced families remain, living in dire conditions, exposed to the weather elements with only a flimsy tent to protect them.

As families continue to suffer, especially during the brutal winter months we hope to alleviate their suffering by moving more families into permanent housing. We hope to move 296 more families from tents to permanent housing. Basmet Amal Village, and Al-Hikma Village will become home to approximately 1500 people.

The community will comprise of Syrian displaced families, widows with children, special needs cases, amputees, and professionals to help make the community thrive including educators, doctors, nurses, and other workers, from throughout Syria including Ghouta, Homs, Daraa, Idlib, and Aleppo.

Basmet Amal Village, located in the Khirbet Al Joz area in Idlib will have 162 apartments. Each apartment costs?

Al-Hikma Village, also in the Idlib area, will consist of 134 apartments.

Both villages will not only have apartments, but also a school, a park, medical point, place of worship, and shops.

If you would like to help move families into these homes, please click here and select the HH Home Fund from the drop-down menu.

Medical Care Center – Al-Hayat Village - القطاع الطبي

As the Al-Hayat Village was completed, alleviating the suffering of over 200 families, we also established an easily accessible medical care center, in close proximity to the apartments, to keep residents healthy, and treat their illnesses and diseases. 

There are several clinics located in the two-story medical center including: general care, physical therapy, psychiatric care, internal medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, and dental care. 

The medical center provides medical care to a large number of elderly people, those who were injured in the war, children, and women.  If you would like to support the medical facility, please click here and select the HH Medical Fund from the drop-down menu.

Warmth in Winter - دفء الحياة ١١

As the cold winter begins to settle in, we are once again reminded of the thousands of families, living in displacement camps, that will try to survive brutal conditions as the cold rain and snow enter the tents causing misery. Half of the people are children, who have known nothing but suffering in their short lives.  Every year we launch a winter campaign to help Syrian displaced families in Syria and refugee families in Jordan, by providing them with essentials they need to survive. Through our winter campaign we provide them with winter clothing, heaters, firewood, and other heating materials to keep them warm, healthy, and safe.

You can help keep them warm and healthy this winter and give them hope. If you would like to donate, please click here and select the HH Winter Fund from the drop-down menu.

Humanitarian Cases - الحالات الإنسانیة

As the Syrian crisis enters its eleventh year, the severity and complexity of humanitarian needs remain extensive. Throughout the years we have supported many special humanitarian cases. If you would like to support special humanitarian cases, please click here and select the HH General Fund from the drop-down menu. Please include the special case you are supporting in the comments section.

Medical Cases

Just as we have supported humanitarian cases throughout the years, we have also supported many special medical humanitarian cases. If you would like to support special medical humanitarian cases, please click here and select the HH Medical Fund from the drop-down menu. Please include the special medical case you are supporting in the comments section.

Al-Hayat Village School

Syrian children have suffered the most throughout the Syrian crisis. They have suffered through death, loss, trauma, and displacement for over ten years. A whole generation has been lost without access to education. Of the 2.45 million children in all of Syria, 1 of 3 were out of school before COVID-19. After the spread of COVID-19, 2 out of 3 children do not have access to an education in northwest Syria, according to Save the Children.

The school in Al Hayat Village is in the first phase of development and will ultimately provide an education to 400 children between the ages of 6-15. The school will be two levels.

Currently, the first floor is complete and needs finishing touches such as doors, windows, chairs, tables, water, and electricity (solar powered).

In addition, in fall 2021 we established educational centers in Idlib, Azaz, and Areeha to support and requalify school dropouts to reenter school, and to help students pass the baccalaureate high school exam.

The centers offer free and intensive courses for basic subjects such as Arabic, English, Math, Philosophy, Geography, Physics, and Chemistry.

Currently, there are 300 students who were forced to drop out of school due to displacement, and financial situations.

Help us build their future together! You can support the school and educational centers by clicking here and selecting HH School Education Fund from the drop-down menu.