Hathi Hayati Partnership

Al Hayat Village apartments are fully occupied, but thousands of displaced families remain, living in dire conditions, exposed to the weather elements with only a flimsy tent to protect them.

We want to establish Al Hayat Village 2 to relocate 456 more families into a home and help them begin living a life with dignity after their immense suffering.

Al Hayat Village 2 will become home for 456 families with an average of three children. The community will be made up of Syrian displaced families from throughout Syria including Ghouta, Homs, Daraa, Idlib, and Aleppo. The community will comprise of displaced families, widows with children, special needs cases, amputees, and professionals to help make the community thrive including educators, doctors, nurses, and other workers.

Al Hayat Village 2 will consist of 2 and 3 room apartments, public facilities including, a clean water tank, a school, a medical point, solar powered electricity, a market, and a place of worship.

The cost of the land is $290,940. To support the purchase of the land please select HH General Fund from the drop down menu in the donate form.

In the near future, the medical point will be expanded, the middle and high schools on levels two and three of the school will be built, clean water will be supplied to homes, and electricity via solar power will also be supplied to homes.

Situation of Residents in Village

As the Syrian crisis enters its tenth year, the severity and complexity of humanitarian needs remain extensive. Years of continued bombardment, attacks on civilians, doctors, health workers, and healthcare facilities has left an extremely vulnerable population in Syria. The healthcare infrastructure has been decimated leaving people with limited to no access to emergency and specialized medical care as they are struggling with disease and malnutrition among other illnesses. Countless Syrians are in need of mental health care after being exposed to the traumatic experiences they have faced for the past 10 years. Countless others lost limbs or have become disabled due to indiscriminate attacks on civilians. The impact of present and past hostilities on civilians remains the principal driver of humanitarian needs in Syria.

Millions of Syrians are displaced, many have been displaced multiple times, escaping the violence, in search of safety for their families. The displaced families are living in dire conditions, with no protection from extreme weather and little to no access to basic human necessities including clean water, food, sanitation, and medical care.

Many resident families of Al Hayat Village include widows with children, who lost their husbands in the Syrian crisis. Many families include family members with special needs that require specialty services. Many other families include family members that are amputees and require special care and easier access to help alleviate their suffering. The homes in the village are built to accommodate these special cases and access to medical care and other basic needs is easily accessible.

Medical Point

The medical point is in close proximity to the residential areas and is easily accessible. The facility is providing basic and emergency healthcare services and includes a general doctor, pharmacist, secretary, guard, and janitor.

In the near future, the medical point will expand to include a mental health clinic for women, a mental health clinic for men, a physical therapy clinic for women, and a physical therapy clinic for men.

You can support the medical point here.


Syrian children have suffered the most throughout the Syrian crisis. They have suffered through death, loss, trauma, and displacement for the past ten years. A whole generation has been lost without access to education. Of the 2.45 million children in all of Syria, 1 of 3 were out of school before COVID-19. After the spread of COVID-19, 2 out of 3 children do not have access to an education in northwest Syria, according to Save the Children.

The school in Al Hayat Village is in the first phase of development and will ultimately provide an education to 600-800 children. The school will be three levels. The first floor will be elementary school, the second floor will be the middle school and the third floor will be the high school.

Currently, the first floor is complete and needs finishing touches such as doors, windows, chairs, tables, water, and electricity (solar powered).

You can support the school here.

Water Tank

A water tank is being built to supply the whole Al Hayat Village with clean water. The water tank is being built in the highest point of the village.

You can support the completion of the water tank here.


200 houses have already been built in Al Hayat Village. Each building contains 2 apartments. Each apartment has 2 rooms and a kitchen. Each apartment has its own private entrance. The bottom floor homes are being filled with families that have a family member that is handicapped, has special needs or amputees. The upper apartments are primarily for widows or female teachers etc. to ensure their privacy.

The next phase will be to build 50 more apartment buildings to house 100 additional families.

You can support the additional housing project here.