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Together, we can help move them to permanent housing, protect them in the cold winter, and keep them healthy and safe!

Earthquake Relief
مشاريع اوسم امريكا مع هذه حياتي

Help your sisters and brothers in humanity as they struggle to survive a massive earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, early Monday morning. We need YOUR help to save the lives of those injured and provide them with humanitarian relief. Precious lives are at stake, they are counting on YOU!

Over 11,000 people have been killed, tens of thousands wounded, and millions displaced, after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake caused massive damage in Turkey and Syria early Monday morning. Those numbers are expected to rise dramatically as many buildings collapsed. There are many reports of complete families buried under the rubble of those buildings. Tens of thousands have been newly displaced. Hospitals are overwhelmed with the number of crush and trauma injuries. At least one hospital in the area is being evacuated after its structure was compromised.We are on the ground as hospitals and medical facilities are providing emergency relief to those wounded with trauma and crush injuries. You can support our Earthquake Relief Efforts by clicking here.

Shelter - قطاع المأوى
مشاريع اوسم امريكا مع هذه حياتي

Thousands of displaced families remain, living in dire conditions, exposed to the weather elements with only a flimsy tent to protect them.

We hope to move 296 more families from tents to permanent housing. Basmet Amal Village, and Al-Hikma Village will become home to approximately 1500 people.

If you would like to help move families into these homes, please select the HH Home Fund from the drop-down menu in the donate form->

Warmth in Winter - دفء الحياة

As the cold winter begins to settle in, we are once again reminded of the thousands of families, living in displacement camps, that will try to survive brutal conditions as the cold rain and snow enter the tents causing misery. Half of the people are children, who have known nothing but suffering in their short lives. 

We want to help provide them with essentials they need to survive such as winter clothing, heaters, firewood, and other heating materials to keep them warm, healthy, and safe. 

You can help keep them warm and healthy this winter and give them hope. If you would like to donate, please select HH Winter Fund from the drop-down menu in the donate form ->

Humanitarian Cases - الحالات الإنسانیة

As the Syrian crisis enters its eleventh year, the severity and complexity of humanitarian needs remain extensive. If you would like to support special humanitarian cases, please select HH General Fund from the drop-down menu ->

Please include the special case you are supporting in the comments section.

Medical Cases

Just as we have supported humanitarian cases throughout the years, we have also supported many special medical humanitarian cases. If you would like to support special medical humanitarian cases, please select HH Medical Fund from the drop-down menu ->

Please include the special medical case you are supporting in the comments section.

Medical Care Center – Al-Hayat Village - القطاع الطبي

The medical center provides medical care to a large number of elderly people, those who were injured in the war, children, and women. 

If you would like to support the medical facility, please select HH Medical Fund from the drop-down menu in the donate form -> 

Al-Hayat Village School

The school in Al Hayat Village is in the first phase of development and will ultimately provide an education to 400 children between the ages of 6-15. The school will be two levels. We also have educational centers that offer free and intensive courses for basic subjects such as Arabic, English, Math, Philosophy, Geography, Physics, and Chemistry.

Help us build their future together!

You can support the school and educational centers by selecting HH School Education Fund from the drop-down menu in the donate form ->

You Can Also Support Other UOSSM USA/Hathi Hayati Turkey Office Projects

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Your support of our mission is enabling us to continue providing humanitarian medical relief, emergency aid, and health care services to people affected by crisis. Our work involves constantly responding to emergencies and meet the evolving needs. Having our funds unrestricted allows us the flexibility to allocate funds to where they are most needed. Thank you for your support.

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