Top 3 Countries with the Most Syrian Refugees

Over the years, the Syrian civil war left many citizens scrambling for humanitarian assistance and amnesty. Since the crisis began in March 15, 2011, more than half of their population has been displaced, forcing many to become refugees in other countries. 

Homes were destroyed, families were separated, and many children lost their loved ones. Indeed, it is one of the darkest periods in Syria’s history, much so that even their neighboring countries are more than willing to reach out and lend a helping hand to those who have nowhere else to go.

Now you might be wondering about the extent of the displacement and where most of the refugees ended up during the past few years of the Syrian turmoil. While it may not be considered good news by all accounts, many foreign countries took in plenty of the displaced citizens, offering them a home and a country to live in with the hopes of starting a new life.

If you want to know which countries have the most Syrian refugees in their custody, this is the guide for you. We have listed some of the top countries where a certain part of the population consists of the displaced victims of the Syrian civil war.

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  1. Turkey

Seeing that Turkey is a direct neighboring country of Syria, it is no surprise that many refugees ended up there. It ranks first as the country that houses the most Syrian refugees in the world. 

The first half of 2021 has approximately 3.7 million Syrian refugees, not counting the ones yet to arrive due to the ongoing turmoil. Most of these refugees still rely on the Turkish government to provide for their needs, often not getting the basic necessities they would require daily to survive.

  1. Lebanon

Around one-eighth of Lebanon’s population is made up of Syrian refugees, with the numbers going up to an estimate of 855,000. Since the country is hedged between Syria and Israel, it is no wonder why it is one of the first destinations of the refugees after the civil war began. 

While some are better off renting out their own spots, the truth is that they are not supported by any legal means, making it close to impossible for refugees to apply for jobs. Some even live out their days in tents, which are not officially recognized as a refugee camp.

  1. Jordan

About 668,000 Syrian refugees live in Jordan right now. Unlike the first two countries, a certain compromise was reached within the duration of their stay, allowing some desert locations to be converted into cities where the refugees may live.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that they can have a comfortable life, as they also go through the same type of lacking and suffering that other refugees are experiencing beyond borders.


While the Syrian civil war is still raging on, many of its citizens fled towards other territories willing to let them in. The situation isn’t easy, and countless refugees do not receive the proper care and assistance they would need daily, yet that is somehow less appalling than the tragedy they experienced at the hands of their old government.

With all of that being said, the top 3 countries housing many of them require assistance to sustain their needs. One of the things everyone can do right now is to unite and become an advocate for a great cause. 

If you’re one of the concerned parties, do not hesitate to lend a hand by volunteering and provide help in any form. After all, one can never ignore humanity in a time when countless people have little to nothing at all.

If you wish to support an organization for Syrian refugees, look no further than the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations-USA (UOSSM USA). We are a nonprofit, charitable, independent, non-government, medical humanitarian organization, and we are dedicated to supporting all of the Syrian refugees around the world. Contact us today and let us help you help them.

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