The Dire Situation of Orphans in Northwest Syria

The most vulnerable populations typically suffer the most in war and crisis situations. Half of Syria’s children have known nothing but conflict in their young lives. Over 10 years of brutal conflict in Syria has left over 5 million children in need of humanitarian assistance. Many of those children are living in areas where basic services are almost non-existent, and a decimated infrastructure. Over half the population was forced to flee their homes creating over 6.2 million internally displaced persons, and 5.7 million refugees.

Many children have lost a close relative to death, detainment, or disappearance, leaving orphaned children separated from their families in the chaos of war. Life has become increasingly difficult for those who remained in Syria. Many of those families are living in unsafe, unstable environments. The majority of those families have been exposed to violence and loss. Countless children are traumatized.

There are around 1.2 million orphans in northwest Syria with enormous needs, according to the head of the Orphan Foundation. There are dozens of orphanages in Idlib trying to meet the needs of the orphans, but the need is so great. The loss of one or both parents on top of war and violence can leave a permanent impact on these children.

The devastating earthquake in February 2023, further added to that number of orphans. Many children lost one or both of their parents, their homes, and everything else they knew and loved. On top of that, many of those children suffered from critical injuries leading to medical complications including amputations.

In response, UOSSM launched a unique, comprehensive case management program that provides full sponsorship support for the most vulnerable orphans in northwest Syria. The program aims to alleviate the suffering of the orphans and their caregivers by providing comprehensive protection services including cash assistance to ensure they have safe access to basic needs, healthcare, and education services.

Each orphan will receive:

  •  Cash Assistance
  • Case Management Services
  • PSS and Awareness Raising Activities
  • Access to Case Emergency Funds

Through this program, the orphaned children will be evaluated to determine their needs. Based on this assessment, the children will receive complete health & wellness services as well as protection services through our health facilities. This includes support of any basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothes, education, school supplies and other needs to help them develop and achieve a more promising future.

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