Orphan Sponsorship Program - كفالة يتيم

After years of war, around 1.2 million children are now orphans in northern Syria*. Sadly, the Turkey/Syria earthquake left even more orphaned children, losing one or both of their parents, or in some cases, even their entire families. These children have been severely affected either physically or psychologically or both – and are in dire need of support. Click here to learn more about the status of orphans in northwest Syria. 

In response, UOSSM launched a unique, comprehensive case management program that provides full sponsorship support for the most vulnerable orphans. The program aims to alleviate the suffering of the orphans and their caregivers by providing comprehensive support through individualized case management services, where our team on the ground follow up with each orphan- assess his/ her health and mental well-being, ensure safe access to education, address housing issues, and cater to any disabilities or additional needs.

Additionally, we provide monthly cash assistance and organize psychosocial support activities for both the orphans and their caregivers.

Through this program, the orphaned children will be evaluated to determine their needs. Based on this assessment, the children will receive complete health & wellness services as well as protection services through our health facilities. This includes support of any basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothes, education, school supplies and other needs to help them develop and achieve a more promising future.

Through the orphan sponsorship you are giving them a chance at a dignified life and a brighter future.

Your donation is Zakat eligible and tax deductible.  In fact, as part of this special program, 100% of donations go towards orphan program support.

Imagine supporting an orphan – a child who has no one and nothing else left in this world. Thanks to your support, you can give these orphans hope, letting them know that they are not alone. Your gift today can help them feel safe, protected, and loved…

Become an Orphan Sponsor Today!

For $150/month, or $5 a day, you can provide an orphan with everything he/she needs including basic necessities, health care (physical and mental health care), education, and protection services to have a chance at a promising future. They will also have special events and field trips to let them have fun and just be children! If you sponsor an orphan fully for one year, you will be assigned a child, where you will receive special messages and periodic updates, exclusively, from that child.

Please help us reach our goal!

Our goal this year is to sponsor at least 150 of the most vulnerable orphans, we cannot do this without your support! Please help us make this goal a reality today!

Only together can we help those orphans to have a normal, dignified life.

Be the hope for the hopeless – help them feel safe and secure despite the harsh conditions they live in every single day.

Learn more about our program and how your contribution helps!

This program is unique because it is a comprehensive child protection case management program. This child protection case management aims to enhance their wellbeing, both physically and emotionally while ensuring access to available services as three psychosocial support (PSS) workers, one male and two females, will provide individual case management services based on regular home visits.

Each orphan will be under the supervision of a case manager to ensure they have everything they need for their health, wellbeing, education, safety, and security.

Through this program, orphan children will be assessed and evaluated to determine their needs. Then, these orphan children will receive complete health, mental health, and protection services through our health facilities, and support of any basic necessities/needs including food, shelter, clothing, education, school supplies, transportation, and other needs to help them grow and become healthy/educated children, with positive and promising futures.

Under this comprehensive orphan sponsorship program each child will receive the following:

  • Cash Assistance
  • Case Management Services 
  • PSS and Awareness Raising Activities 
  • Access to Emergency Funds
Each orphan will receive a specified amount of cash assistance per month. For their basic daily needs (e.g., food, clothing, school supplies, etc).
The three PSS workers will provide child protection individual case management services based on regular home visits. The visits include initial intake/assessment for cases of orphan boys and girls with protection concerns. The child case management aims to enhance the children’s wellbeing both physically and emotionally and ensure they have access to available services.

To promote the children’s psychosocial wellbeing, the team will provide focused, monthly nonstructured group PSS activities for orphans and their relatives who may live together or in the same neighborhood.

The PSS group activities will include 2 evidence-based programs:

“I DEAL” launched, and developed by War Child, which is a theme-based creative life skills training for children. The I DEAL manual is designed to help children deal with life after a crisis. Through I DEAL, children are invited to discover their identity and to cope with emotions of love and hate. It aims to help (re) define the child as an individual, preparing for a future. Children participating in I Deal sessions learn to work together, build essential life skills, and develop independent, constructive thinking capabilities. 


Early Childhood Development (ECD) activities, which are tailored and developed by the Arabic Early Childhood Development Network. Children aged 3-8 years old will be provided with 2 ECD sessions titled “My Joyful Friends” and “I and My Feelings”. The main goals of the ECD program are to restore hope and opportunity to a generation of children affected by conflict and crisis. The ECD activities also aim to:

  • Enhance the wellbeing, functionality, cognitive, emotional, and social skills of young children in conflict settings.
  • Foster the capacity of parents/caregivers to establish safe, nurturing, and supportive environments and experiences that promote play-based learning.

Facilitate Parenting Skills Program sessions, which includes two monthly sessions for each group, to help build strong relationships between children and their caregivers enabling them to resolve problems together. This gives parents/caregivers the skills to:

  • Solve problems with their children to prevent physical and humiliating punishment in the home.
  • Provide opportunities for mothers and other caregivers to develop strategies to manage stress and identify ways to care for themselves.
  • Enhance mothers and other caregivers’ understanding of child rights, child development, positive parenting, gender and non-discrimination, protection risks for children and where and how to seek help.
  • Support mothers and caregivers to transition from relationships with their children and each other, that is based on power and control, to relationships based on cooperation, communication, listening, and mutual respect.

The program will also include case emergency funds for the most vulnerable children who are in urgent need, based on the case managers’ assessment. The emergency fund may include shelter needs, educational materials, assistive medical devices (such as prescription eyeglasses, hearing aids, and wheelchairs), medications, surgeries, transportation, etc.

With your sponsorship, you can secure their shelter, food, water, clothing, medical and mental health care, 
and other necessities they may need for a chance at a dignified and promising future.
 Please click here to sponsor an orphan. Innocent lives are counting on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How does UOSSM define orphans? 

  • A: We define an orphan as a child who has their father which is their primary source of financial support. Some cases vary depending on the situation.

  • Q: There are so many orphans in the area how does UOSSM choose which orphans to support?
  • A: There is a list of criteria UOSSM selects from to ensure the most vulnerable and children most in need are prioritized for sponsorship which includes:
    • Children with disabilities
    • Children with chronic diseases
    • Female children
    • Children in extremely vulnerable conditions such as (displaced families living in camps, low/no income families, families with an unemployed mother, and families with no external source of support from relatives, friends, etc).
    • Children who lost their primary caregiver in the earthquake.
    • Children under 15 years old.
  • Q: Can you pay Zakat towards orphan sponsorship? 

  • A: Yes, giving to orphans is 100% Zakat eligible.  In fact, as part of this special program, 100% of donations go towards orphan support.

  • Q: Where are the orphans located? 

  • A: They are located in the northwest area of Syria.

  • Q: What makes this program different from other orphan sponsorship/كفالة يتيم programs? 

  • A: This is a comprehensive case management program, focused on Syrian orphans in northwest Syria. To ensure that they have their basic needs, healthcare, and education needs covered, each orphan will be under the supervision of a case manager and social worker.

  • Q: How many orphans will this program support? 

  • A: Contingent on funding, we anticipate that we will provide full sponsorships to 100 Syrian orphaned children. We hope to provide support to even more orphans!

  • Q: Will I receive special privileges with the orphan I am assigned to if I provide full orphan sponsorship/كفالة يتيم?

  • A: Once you begin your full sponsorship/كفالة يتيم, you will be assigned to an orphan that you will be supporting. You will receive special messages and communications as well as updates on their status, health, and overall wellbeing. If you choose to provide partial support, you will receive periodic updates on the orphans in the sponsorship program.