Yasmeen Recovering from Earthquake Injuries

Yasmeen is 4 years old. She was severely injured in the earthquake in the Jandaris area in northwest Syria. She was rushed to Aqrabat Hospital where she received immediate emergency care for her injuries. She had to have emergency surgery to repair her broken metatarsal bones in the foot by inserting rods. Doctors also investigated the dead tissue that resulted from the crush injuries. The surgery was a success.

Yasmeen has been in the hospital receiving the medical care she needs to make a full recovery. Many of the staff love her sweet personality and she trusted them to care for her and change her bandages. Her health continues to improve. She especially developed a connection with one of her caregivers Abd Al Jawad, who helped her with her pain both physically and emotionally.

We thank all our staff who have been working tirelessly to help save lives, minutes after the earthquake, despite being in terrible situations themselves including the loss of loved ones, injuries, and becoming displaced.
Together, we will continue to save lives and build hope.

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