Why Thousands of Syrians Flee to Europe

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There’s nothing worse than being forced to leave the country you were born and have grown up in. Unfortunately, individuals living in countries like Syria have no choice but to leave the life they know to start a new one in a foreign land. With the war in Syria seemingly having no end, locals have had no choice but to flee their beloved country to save their families from violence and bloodshed. 

The Syrian refugee crisis continues to be the largest refugee and displacement crisis today since the Syrian civil war began in March 2011. Eleven years later, the country has been torn apart, and its people have scattered across the globe, seeking asylum in different places such as Europe.

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Fleeing From Syria to Europe

With the Syrian crisis nearing its twelfth year in a few months, millions of Syrians continue to suffer from the damaging impact of the civil war in the country. Fortunately, even amidst the war, there is hope—countries worldwide have opened their doors to millions of people needing humanitarian assistance and refuge from the constant violence in their homeland.

The European Union, in particular, has welcomed a large number of Syrian refugees over the years, nearing 200,000 asylum applications from July 2014 to July 2015. With the treacherous routes, several reported deaths during travel, and the horrible stories in refugee camps, why is it that countless Syrian refugees continue to flee to Europe despite the high risks of death?

Here are some of the primary reasons why millions of Syrians have chosen to migrate to Europe from their homeland:

  • The Syrian War Is Still Ongoing

People continue to flee because the war doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon. After a decade of destruction and death, Syrians can no longer wait for their country to regain peace and for things to revert to how things used to be before the war. Unfortunately, Syria is in a state of collapse—it’s only a matter of time before more homes and families are devastated by the damaging impacts of the violence happening in the country. 

  • Refugee Life in Neighboring Countries Isn’t Practical

Although Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, and other neighboring countries offer places of safety for Syrians hoping to flee their country, living it isn’t entirely different from staying in Syria. 

Since few refugees can pay rent in the tiniest rooms because they’re forbidden from joining the workforce, they could live in poverty and die of hunger. Unlike in their neighboring countries, Europe offers several income-earning opportunities for refugees, giving them hope of starting a better life.

  • The Media Shows an Image of a Welcoming Europe

Amidst the war going on in Syria, people can still watch the news and access social media. The news stories and anecdotes circulating on the television and the Internet about refugees being greeted with open arms by Europeans and the promise of work prospects, safety, and education were enough to convince Syrians that it would be worth the travel and the money needed to get to Europe.


Life as a refugee is challenging, no matter which country you end up seeking asylum in. Unfortunately, there is no single solution to the Syrian refugee crisis that is now more than a decade long. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to help. 

Even in the comfort of your own home, you can alleviate the suffering of one Syrian family by reaching out and donating to the proper organization. As long as more people work together in helping refugees, we can improve the lives of more families!

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