URGENT APPEAL: Mother Appeals for Urgent Treatment of Four-Year-Old Daughter Suffering from Cancer in Besieged Ghouta

Washington DC- UOSSM USA calls for the IMMEDIATE medical evacuation of four- year old Rama Helweh from Eastern Ghouta to Damascus where she received cancer treatment eight months ago. Rama’s mother, Diala, is seen in a video speaking of her desperate attempt to save her child’s life.
Rama is malnourished, diagnosed with lymphoma and has a malignant tumor in her throat which prevents her from swallowing most foods. Her last dosage of the required medication was eight months ago. Without immediate treatment, doctors fear she will not survive the coming weeks.
In the past two months, five children have died from a lack of adequate medical care as a result of the siege.
Rama weighs a little over 26 pounds, has a brother and two sisters and is surviving on an IV line.
“For the past eight months, I have tried everywhere to get the medicine for her but I can’t, it is not even available over here. ” said Diala Atout, Rama’s mother.
She added, “I go to the doctors every day and they tell me that the condition of my daughter is more serious than before. I can no longer get the medicine or even the food which she needs to survive.”
UOSSM calls on all parties to provide for the safe passage and immediate treatment of Rama, as per international humanitarian law.
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