UOSSM’s Continued Response to Devastating Earthquake

UOSSM’s response to the earthquake in Syria and Turkey was immediate, due to the existing framework and operations in northwest Syria since 2012. With over 1800 staff on the ground, our team has been working tirelessly, for almost two months, despite all the pain and heartache, to alleviate the suffering and help heal and save lives of earthquake victims. Many of UOSSM’s staff found themselves as victims but continued to push and help save lives.

Some injuries of earthquake victims are minor, but many are complicated causing lives to be lost, limbs to be amputated, and recovery to be extremely difficult. The earthquake left many children without families, changing countless lives forever. Even cancer patients are having difficulty accessing crucial medical care in Turkey, leaving innocent lives to battle the horrible disease with little relief.

UOSSM proudly has  provided 80,265 consultations to 51,373 patients, provided 1172 major surgeries and 191 minor surgeries, along with other vital services such as diagnostics, dialysis, and blood unit distribution through our 30 hospitals and health facilities, 10 mobile clinics, and 62 ambulances since February 6.

At least 50,000 were killed, hundreds of  thousands were injured, and thousands upon thousands were displaced, many for a second, third, or even fourth time.

There is still so much to do. Please support our work as we continue to provide the victims with the care and humanitarian relief they deserve.