Cincinnati, OH – A UOSSM Primary Health Care Center in the Homs suburbs was shelled yesterday, killing three patients, critically wounding two others and heavily damaging the structure.

The PHC was established in mid 2014 and provides services to approximately 6000-7000 patients a month with 23% of patients under the age of five. The center consists of a birthing center, a pharmacy, a laboratory, and five clinics; an Ob/Gynecological, a pediatric, internal medicine and two family practice clinics. The center also provides nutrition services.
The center has provided services to 177,968 since establishment through the end of 2016.

The PHC has been targeted five separate times. In July the facility was put out of service after a targeted airstrike and in the end of December 2015 the center was severely damaged. Both times the center was repaired and put back into service.There were also reports of a chlorine gas attack yesterday, not verified by UOSSM,  against civilians on the morning of November 7 in the town of Khan Al-Assal, almost six miles west of Northern Aleppo. The attack comes six days after 149 UN member states voted in favor of a draft resolution on chemical weapons : “The General Assembly would condemn in the strongest possible terms the use of chemical weapons by anyone under any circumstances, emphasizing that any use of chemical weapons anywhere, at any time, by anyone, under any circumstances was unacceptable as well as a violation of international law. The world body would also express its strong conviction that those individuals responsible for the use of chemical weapons must and should be held accountable.”


Dr. Khaula Sawah, CEO of UOSSM USA said, “Another medical facility is targeted as the international community stands by and does nothing. Three patients were killed and two others were critically wounded as they were attempting to receive medical care, this is preposterous and absolutely unacceptable. How many more patients, medical staff and doctors and facilities have to be targeted for these atrocities to end? Targeting medical facilities and medical personnel are in defiance of International Law. We call on all responsible parties to hold the perpetrators accountable for their war crimes.”