Providing Special Needs Children with Dental Care Under General Anesthesia

Families of special needs children in Jordan find great difficulties providing their children with the dental care that they desperately need. Unfortunately, many of the health needs of these children get pushed aside as if their health is not as important or relevant. Even if families are able to find care for these children it can become very costly, and out of reach for many families. So, on Friday, November 4, UOSSM USA, in collaboration with Director of Al-Hannan Hospital Bassam Alzuobi, and Dr. Serena AbuDayyeh, provided 3 special needs children with full anesthesia in the hospital so they can get the complete dental services they need in one time.

The three children who received the dental services are Asma from Jordan (5 years old) who suffers from Down’s Syndrome, Yousef from Gaza Strip (resides in Jordan) (6 years old) who suffers from Autism, and Tala from Jordan (10 years old) who suffers from Down’s Syndrome. All of the children had multiple cavities and other dental problems and could not receive the dental services they need without complete anesthesia. Their families were so grateful and overjoyed, that the pain their children were experiencing were alleviated and could now eat without pain!

This is all part of UOSSM USA’s Surgeries project that aims to provide a variety of surgeries, free of charge, to refugee, needy, and other underserved families in Jordan, who would otherwise not have the access or the means for these vital surgical operations/procedures. This will ultimately help improve the health and overall wellbeing, and alleviate the suffering of these families.
You can watch the video about the surgeries here!

Dental Care for Special Needs Children