Primary Health Care Center Targeted and Destroyed in Aleppo

Edinburg, TX.- On Friday April 29, the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM) Al-Marjeh Primary Health Care Center (PHC) was bombed by Syrian forces and its allies leading to complete destruction of the center. There were no casualties as the center had been closed for a few days due to the escalation of events in Aleppo.

The PHC, which consists of pediatric, gynecological, and internal medicine clinics along with a pharmacy and a lab, was established in 2014 in a partnership between Expertise France and UOSSM and has been supported by UNOCHA HPF funds since July 2015. The PHC, which provided services to over 1800 patients per month, will be shut down indefinitely.

This attack came just one day after the Al-Quds Hospital bombing in Aleppo, that claimed the lives of one of the very few pediatricians in Aleppo, along with a dentist, and at least 50 medical staff, patients and civilians. The number is still rising as bodies are still being pulled from the rubble. Thousands of citizens in Aleppo will not have access to healthcare services due to these targeted attacks.

These attacks are among several bombings that have taken place since the ceasefire on February 27 which was in observance of the United Nations Resolution 2254, Dr. Khaula Sawah CEO of UOSSM USA said, “The targeting of medical workers and facilities is a war crime and absolutely unacceptable, they are in direct violation of international humanitarian law. We call on the UN and all influential parties to enforce UN Security Council Resolutions and International Humanitarian Laws.”