Medical Evacuation of 29 Critical Cases in Ghouta Complete

Washington DC- The medical evacuation of 29 critical cases was completed yesterday. The medical evacuation lasted for three days. On the first day, four patients were evacuated. On the second day,12 patients were evacuated, and the remaining 13 patients were evacuated yesterday. There was a total of 18 children, six women and five men that were evacuated. Two patients originally on the list had already passed away before the evacuation.
For three months, UOSSM and other local NGOs have been strongly lobbying governments and parties to the conflict for the immediate medical evacuation of over 650 patients that need urgent medical care in Ghouta. Among them are children and patients with chronic illnesses and cancer for which there is no treatment available in Ghouta.
The situation in Ghouta is dire, as many are facing malnutrition while being under
constant bombardment; many sustaining life-threatening injuries. There are at least 370,000 people in besieged Ghouta.
UOSSM reiterates that medical evacuations should focus on the needs of the patient and should not be conditional or political. UOSSM remains committed to serving anyone in need, and is working with all parties to ensure patients receive the best possible care.
Kathleen Rowan, CEO of UOSSM USA said, “I am so happy to hear that 29 patients’ lives may be saved now that they have been evacuated, but there are so many others that are fighting for their lives including Rama, Karim and Qasem. I urge the international community to demand immediate evacuation of these cases along with delivery of humanitarian aid, medicines and food which is so desperately needed.”
UOSSM Calls For:
1)    The immediate medical evacuation of ALL critically ill children in Ghouta. Many were not on the list of 29 patients evacuated.
2)    The opening of safe humanitarian corridors to provide food and medicine to civilians.
3)    The immediate medical evacuation of the over 650 patients in need and assurances of their safety and impartial medical treatment.