Measles Outbreak in Ghouta and 5 Hospital Attacks in Nine Days

Washington, DC- There has been an alarming rise in cases of the measles in Ghouta, Syria.  According to EWARN, there have been 121 cases in the past two months, compared to 50 cases in the past two years.

Several areas throughout Syria remain under heavy siege. Two doctors were killed and hospitals are constantly being targeted. On Sunday, a dentist was killed in an  airstrike in Daraa, and yesterday a paramedic was killed in Daraa as well. A hospital was impacted by an airstrike today  in Daraa. In the past week, three hospitals in the suburbs of Hama, in Kafr Zeta, have been attacked and put out of service.
On March 14, A hospital in Mseifra, in rural Eastern Daraa was hit by an airstrike  near the hospital which resulted in minor structural damages (doors and windows) and left two people wounded. The facility continued to operate.
On March 8, the Kafr Zeta Specialty Hospital, in rural Hama, was put out of service after being attacked by an airstrike resulting in the destruction of doors, windows, water and electricity systems. There were no casualties reported. The building had moderate structural damage and the facility went out of service. On a monthly basis, the hospital was providing an average of 600 consultations, 100 admissions, 70 major surgeries, 50 deliveries and 180 Trauma cases.
On March 8, the Dr. Hasan Araj Cave Hospital in rural Hama, built under 50 ft of rock, was also attacked causing structural damage. This was not the first time this hospital was attacked. The area had over 15 air raids and at least three airstrikes on both hospitals, which are within 10 miles of each other.
On March 7, a hospital in Kafr Zeita, Hama was impacted by airstrikes destroying the medical supply storage area. No casualties were reported and the building had moderate structural damage rendering it out of service.  On a monthly basis the hospital was providing an average of 1900 consultations, 450 admissions, 150 major surgeries, 70 deliveries, and 25 trauma cases.
On March 5, a hospital in Kafr Nobol, Idleb , was hit by an airstrike resulting in the top floor being destroyed and moderate structural damage. There were no casualties reported and the facility went out of service. On a monthly basis, the hospital was providing an average of 3,792 consultations, 41 admissions, 332 major surgeries. These services were disrupted.

There is significant pressure on hospitals that are still operating and supplies are running extremely low or completely depleted. In Ghouta, in the suburbs of Damascus, a third person died from kidney failure as there are no supplies available to provide dialysis treatment. Medications and supplies are still not allowed in the area.

Dr. Khaula Sawah, board member of UOSSM USA said, “After the Aleppo evacuations there has been a lot of apathy of the situation in Syria, the situation is worse but unfortunately people have forgotten about the people suffering in Syria. We, as humanitarians, must continue to provide support to these people, so they don’t lose hope, and we can continue to make a difference in their lives.”

Click here  or the picture above to watch the UOSSM video about the measles outbreak.