May 2021 Newsletter



UOSSM USA Continues Fundraising Campaign to Support Hospitals in Gaza

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Gaza due to the recent attacks, including attacks on hospitals and medical facilities.

Our ultimate goal is to raise $300,000 to provide medical aid to hospitals and medical facilities in Gaza and the West Bank in Palestine. You can help replenish the shortage of medicines and medical equipment resulting from those attacks, and ensure continuation of healthcare provision to those in need of medical care. We can’t do this without your support.

Please click here to support this campaign.



UOSSM Continues to Operate Two Mental Health Mobile Clinics in Northern Syria

UOSSM will continue to operate two Mental Health Mobile Clinics (MHMC) in the Afrin district for three months. The main goal of the clinics is to provide mental health and psychosocial support services, and refer more serious and severe cases to the UOSSM Mental Health Unit in Sarmada, which receives further specialized support by the WHO.

The MHMCs will provide accessible mental health care services in areas of displacement, to those who otherwise were unable to reach those services.



UOSSM Continues to Provide Primary Health Care Services in Northwest Syria

UOSSM will continue to provide essential primary health care services by supporting two Primary Health Care Centers (PHCs) in northwest Syria. The PHCs aim to cover the health care needs of vulnerable populations in the Armanaz subdistrict. The PHCs are operated by UOSSM and supported by WHO.



UOSSM Continues to Support Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI)

UOSSM, with the support of WHO, will continue to support sustaining the services of the EPI program in northern Syria through the Syria Immunization Group (SIG). The SIG works in close cooperation with WHO, UNICEF, and other NGOs.

The routine immunizations target children under the age of two with the following antigens: BCG, Hep B 0, OPV, IPV, Penta, and MMR, and school-age children and females of childbearing age (15-49), especially pregnant women, with the TD vaccine.



UOSSM Supports Advanced Secondary Health Care Services in Northwest Syria

UOSSM will support advanced secondary health services in northwestern and eastern Syria by providing urinary tract diagnostic and rehabilitation services in Sarmada, and improve the health of patients in Tal Abyad by providing renal dialysis services. The renal dialysis services include diagnostic services for urinary disorders such as Urodynamic Test, ultrasound, cystoscopy, and therapeutic services such as small and large urinary surgeries


Impact Story- Mustafa

15-year-old Mustafa was involved in a horrible car accident, which led to cerebral hemorrhage, causing paralysis in all four limbs. Mustafa was referred to UOSSM’s Bab Al-Hawa Rehabilitation Center, where the examination showed that he had paralysis of the lower extremities along with severe spasms. In addition, he had paralysis of the left upper limb, which was due to incorrect positioning on the hospital bed and lack of physical therapy in the bed while hospitalized with his injuries.
Our team put together a treatment plan to help Mustafa. Mustafa began physical therapy rehabilitation which included stretches and other exercises. Mustafa was not able to sit on his own, but after a few physical therapy sessions he was able to get up from a lying position to sitting on the edge of the table on his own!
His treatment has not been easy due to muscle spasms and tightness, but after his hard work and the support of the medical team, Mustafa was able to extend his knees on his own. He will now begin the second stage of his treatment, which includes standing and balancing, to prepare him to walk on his own.
Thanks to our supporters, Mustafa has a chance to walk again!
Together, we are saving lives and building hope.

Did you know?

Since 2012, UOSSM has been providing emergency medical relief and healthcare services to the Syrian people affected by the crisis, working primarily inside Syria and with Syrian refugees in Turkey. Mental health in Syria is something we care deeply about.

In 2020:

– UOSSM provided medical services to almost 1 million people in Syria and Turkey

– UOSSM provided primary health care services to over 582,000 people

– UOSSM provided protection services to over 55,000 people

– UOSSM provided over 281,000 beneficiaries with nutrition services focused onwomen and children

– UOSSM Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services provided care to over 34,000 people

– UOSSM Bab Al Hawa Hospital provided health care services to over 1 million patients since establishment through the end of 2019




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