May 2019 Newsletter

Continued Bombardment Wreaks Havoc in Idlib

Since April 21, Idlib has come under bombardment wreaking havoc on the area, 25 medical facilities have been bombed and 55 medical facilities have shut down due to the continuous bombings for over a month.

UOSSM staff on the ground in conjunction with local health directorates, report 347 civilians have been killed (including at least 75 children), over 1,000 have been injured and 400,000 were displaced by bombardment on civilian areas. Many of the displaced are living under olive trees in open fields with no protection from the elements. There are an estimated 3.5 million people living in Idlib whose lives are at risk if the attacks are not stopped.

UOSSM Responds to New Areas of Displacement in Idlib

UOSSM responded to the latest large displacement due to the recent bombardment in Idlib, by operating 5 more mobile clinics. The mobile clinics began operating on May 18, 2019 in Jisr Alshagour, Saraqeb, Maarat Masreen, Aldana, and Quorqania. The mobile clinics provided medical services to 894 people in the first three days of operation; 502 doctor visits, 392 nutrition and community health services. In addition, mental health mobile clinics, part of Sarmada Hospital, visited the Meeznaz Camp in Maarat Al Akhwan providing emergency mental health services and psychosocial support. The UOSSM Dayr Hasan Community Health team provided advice to the newly displaced families in areas near the center.

UOSSM Holds Annual Benefit Dinner in Canada

On May 19th, UOSSM-Canada hosted the “Sharing Untold Stories: Iftar Benefit Dinner” sharing untold stories and needs from Syria, Jordan, Bangladesh and Yemen. The crises, needs and response to those needs were shared in the event.

UOSSM Signs Agreement Supporting Early Childhood Activities in Northern Syria

UOSSM signed an agreement in May for a project to support early childhood activities. The project will last for five months in northern Syria.

Impact Story- Mohamed’s Story

“All I know is that the roof (concrete) fell on top of us and me and my sister started screaming for someone to help and get us out.” This was the account of young Mohamed after he and his sister were victims of an airsrike; the concrete roof collapsed over them. They were lucky to have survived. Once rescued, they were rushed to the nearest medical facility. He had several wounds on his head and young body along with a broken arm, his sister sustained several injuries as well.

They were forcibly displaced after their home was destroyed by the bombing, like hundreds of thousands of others from the area. It is the same scenario repeated over and over again as the world continues to turn a blind eye to the atrocities against humanity. Mohamed is being cared for in #UOSSM’s Quorqania Center where he is hoped to make a full recovery. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place😞😞