Mathna, A COVID-19 Patient at UOSSM Isolation Center, Recovers

Mathna, 36, lives in Atma. He urges those experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to take the illness seriously. In the beginning he was experiencing symptoms of a cold with a cough. But eventually he began experiencing more serious symptoms such as a high fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing, and the loss of the senses of taste and smell. He went to the #UOSSM Atma Isolation Center. The team followed all the protocols such as sanitization, examining the patient, and providing the PCR test. Mathna was urged to quarantine in his home. The test results came back positive with COVID-19, and he was provided with support and the services he needed. He was informed of the UOSSM Isolation Centers and chose to go to the center in Sarmada.
We are happy to report that he has recovered from the Coronovirus and is now in good health. We pray for a full recovery for anyone that has contracted the virus. Together, we are saving lives and building hope.