Intense Flooding Affects Over 6500 Families in Northern Syria

Texas- Over 6500 families were affected by the flooding this past weekend in Northern Syria as tents were swept away, and personal belongings were destroyed by the torrential rainfall. Many families were displaced again in search of a safe, dry place to live. The area was already overcrowded due to a recent influx of people escaping areas under bombardment.
The Atma Camp was the most affected; over 40% of the area was swept away. Thousands have lost everything. Exposure to illness has increased in this situation.
Dr. Khaula Sawah, Vice President of UOSSM USA said, “The suffering is relentless. A large number of refugees were recently displaced into these areas escaping bombardment only to find themselves flooded losing their tents and their personal belongings. These camps are designed to be temporary housing and cannot provide the proper basic shelter needed by human beings. Thousands are in dire need of tents, blankets and ways to keep warm. We call on the international community to stand with these people and provide immediate humanitarian aid, assistance and necessities to those affected.”