BREAKING: UOSSM Staff Killed, 8 Medical Facilities Attacked, Illegal Barrel Bombs Used

Washington DC- A UOSSM staff member, Abdul Rahman Ismail, was killed today in Ghouta. Abdul Rahman said in his last voice mail to UOSSM staff minutes before he was killed, “I am right in an area with a safe shelter and there is a hospital, but truthfully speaking it is absolutely terrible, airstrikes and barrels dropping like crazy, we don’t even have time to count them, or whether we should count them or to just run away. “
Eight medical facilities were attacked today in eastern Ghouta, for a total of 13 hospital attacks in 48 hours. Reports state there have been over 127 airstrikes, illegal barrels, and countless mortars and artillery strikes today. This has paralyzed the already crippled medical infrastructure in Ghouta. At least 200 civilians have been killed and over 700 wounded in the past two days. Many of the victims are women and children.
Targeted Medical Facilities Today:
1) Ibn Al Nafees PHC (UOSSM Supported)
2) Zamalka Hospital
3) Arbeen Hospital
4) Jobar Hospital
5) Al Anwar Hospital
6) Save a Soul Hospital
7) Cave Hospital
8) Dar Al Shifaa Hospital
Those hospitals were attacked, heavily damaged, and put out of service. Area hospitals shut down yesterday due to the intensity of the attacks, and are operating on emergency basis for critical patients.
In addition, a nurse and civil defense paramedic (White Helmets) were also killed today.
Kathleen Rowan, CEO of UOSSM USA said, “We have to remember that the people killed in these latest attacks were innocent civilians. The devastation in Ghouta is indescribable. In the midst of this suffering, hospitals continue to be bombed and destroyed, despite the desperate need for them to treat the wounded. The international community cannot turn a blind eye to these atrocities – the bombardment of civilians in eastern Ghouta must stop and a humanitarian corridor must be opened to ensure medical supplies, medicines and food can reach those in need.”
Dr. Ghanem Tayara, UOSSM Chairman and Birmingham UK GP said, “There are unknown numbers of casualties still trapped under the rubble of demolished buildings. Thousands of civilians, mostly women and children, have sought shelter in poorly equipped underground shelters with little or no clean water or food stocks.”
Dr. Tayara added, “The streets of Ghouta are apocalyptic. It takes great cowardice to attack schools, hospitals and civilians. To intentionally and systematically gas, burn, bomb and starve your own citizens with foreign assistance. To see children crushed by ruble and burned horrifically, yet, continue the attacks. It is all repugnant and should disgust citizens of every country. The past 2 days have been the worst yet, but this has been happening for 5 years. The UN is failing its mandate to uphold global peace and security. Years of inaction have left these institutions impotent with no moral foundation to stand on. They betray the very trust they were given to serve.”
UOSSM Requests:
1) The international community take immediate action to stop the slaughter of the people of Ghouta.
2)Join the global advocacy campaign on social media #BreakGhoutaSeige & #SaveEastGhouta .
3) Call, write and meet your local and national political leaders. Urge them to take actions to end the siege and open safe aid corridors into Eastern Ghouta for: medical aid, food supplies and the immediate medical evacuation of 600+ patients in critical condition.
4) Organize events and hold vigils on behalf of the people of Eastern Ghouta.