BREAKING: Suspected Chemical Attack Injures 32 Including 15 Children in Eastern Ghouta

Washington DC- There are reports of a chemical attack today in eastern Ghouta injuring 32, among them were 15 children, 13 women, four men and two civil defense workers (White Helmets).
A barrel bomb filled with suspected chlorine gas was dropped on Hammouria in eastern Ghouta at 11p.m. Damascus time. Victims reported symptoms consistent with the choking agent chlorine gas, including coughing, sore throat and redness of eyes, there were no severe respiratory symptoms. No fatalities were reported.
In additon, 94 Civilians were killed today by heavy airstrikes while the first aid convoy entered eastern Ghouta in months. Among those killed was a dentist, Dr. Ahmad Wahbah.
UOSSM condemns the reported confiscation of medical aid from the WHO/ SARC aid convoy to Ghouta on March 5, 2018. Early reports indicate the removal of surgical equipment, simple medication and insulin. Under significant threat from aerial attacks, aid convoys left Douma before they could fully unload. Nine out of 45 trucks were not unloaded.
The deliberate prevention of medical treatment, attacks on civilians and targeting of medical facilities/staff are clear war crimes under International Humanitarian Law. While UOSSM welcomes the statements made by the Human Rights Council today, which echoes what was said by the UN Security Council Resolution 2401, UOSSM emphasizes that the people of Ghouta need action not unenforced resolutions.
From February 18 to March 4, The Eastern Ghouta Health Directorate reported that 1404 children were injured and 179 were killed. There were 719 deaths and 5642 wounded in the past 13 days.
“It’s truly a sadistic act to confiscate aid knowing that women and children will suffer slow and agonizing deaths. I am appalled by the deliberate vindictiveness, and more so, that the world looks on with indifference. The suffering of the civilians in Ghouta is unimaginable and we urge the international community to enforce UN Security council resolution 2401. 400,000 lives hang in the balance and this is on track to become Syria’s largest graveyard,” said Dr. Ghanem Tayara, Chairman of UOSSM International and Birmingham GP.
“This genocide must stop immediately” -added Dr. Tayara.
UOSSM Requests:
1) The international community take immediate action to stop the slaughter of the people of Ghouta.
2)Join the global advocacy campaign on social media #TogetherForGhouta, #BreakGhoutaSeige & #SaveEastGhouta.
3) Call, write and meet your local and national political leaders. Urge them to take actions to end the siege and open safe aid corridors into Eastern Ghouta for: medical aid, food supplies and the immediate medical evacuation of 600+ patients in critical condition.
4) Organize events and hold vigils on behalf of the people of Eastern Ghouta.