BREAKING: Multiple Airstrikes Target Marketplace in Idlib Syria, Killing at Least 37

Dallas, Texas- Multiple airstrikes targeted a busy marketplace today in Maarat Al Nouman, Idlib, from 8:36-9:00 a.m. Damascus time, killing at least 37 people, many of the victims were women and children. Among those killed was a Syrian Civil Defense volunteer (White Helmets) as he was working to save victims of the first attack (known as a ‘double tap’ attack). Those numbers are expected to rise as bodies are still being pulled from under the rubble. At least 73 have been killed and over 110 were wounded in the past two days in North West Syria as the bombardment continues. Among those killed, two were Syrian Civil Defense Workers (White Helmets), and one was a hospital guard.
The bombardment continues to wreak havoc on the 3.5 million civilians of Idlib. Since April 28, at least 637 have been killed, and over 1497 have been wounded, among them 22 humanitarian workers were killed and 29 wounded. At least 34 medical facilities were targeted, and at least 50 schools have been bombed. It is estimated that the number of displaced has reached half a million people. Large numbers of the displaced are women and children, with nowhere to go. The situation is dire and continues to worsen by the day. In addition, eight water supply facilities have been damaged in northwest Syria, affecting 25,000 people according to UNICEF.
UOSSM condemns attacks on civilian areas and calls on the international community to put a stop on these attacks.
Dr. Khaula Sawah, Vice President of UOSSM USA said, “The images and videos coming in from Maarat Al Nouman in the past two days have shook me to my core. It is so painful to see young children, killed and wounded and suffering immensely. When is the international community going to stop this? In the past three months, at least 637 people have been killed. They were human beings just like us, they feel pain, they have children, families and loved ones just like us. But for some reason the world continues to turn a blind eye to the atrocities, and war crimes against human beings just like us. They are all victims of brutal, offensive strikes. I appeal to everyone’s heart and conscience to take a stand. The situation is dire. “
*Numbers are expected to rise as bodies are being pulled from underneath the rubble.
Multiple Airstrikes Target Marketplace in Idlib Syria
Multiple Airstrikes Target Marketplace in Idlib Syria