April 2019 Newsletter

UOSSM USA Launches Fundraiser in Response to the Catastrophic Situation in Idlib

Since April 21, Idlib has come under bombardment causing a catastrophic situation. At least 160 have been killed and over 600 were wounded, a large number of the casualties are women and children. Reports from the ground are showing there are at least 350,000 displaced from 61 communities. And 19 medical facilities were targeted leaving a large population with little access to medical care.

In response to the situation UOSSM will be operating five more mobile clinics. A UOSSM doctor from the ground sent out a distress call saying, “This catastrophe and disaster is larger than the catastrophe of Aleppo and Ghouta and Homs and all other Syrian areas…20% of them are without shelter, living under the olive trees.”

UOSSM USA launched a fundraising campaign to support the people of Idlib. Please click here to support the campaign.

UOSSM Signs Agreement with Ministry of Planning in Yemen

On April 1, 2019 UOSSM signed an agreement with Ministry of Planning in the capital city. This agreement will allow UOSSM to open an office in Adan and begin providing medical, nutrition, and protection services, along with capacity building.

UOSSM Contributes in Fitting Patients with Orthopedic Devices in Turkey

The team at Conscience International visited the UOSSM Physical Therapy Center in Gaziantep to provide and fit patients with orthopedic devices. The devices, under the supervision of physical therapists, will help patients suffering from diseases such as bone marrow disease and cerebral palsy to overcome their disabilities and be more independent in their everyday lives.

UOSSM Medical Facilities Resume Providing Care to Patients in Northern Syria

UOSSM Medical Facilities resumed providing medical services in Northern Syria after a temporary suspension of work due to changes in the field.

Impact Story- Souad’s Story

Eight-month-old Souad was so small; much smaller than the average child her age. But Souad is growing up in a not so average environment, as she was born into the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. The baby girl was born in a very poor village in northern Syria, with little or no access to medical care. UOSSM’s Community Health Workers found little Souad and recognized that she did not look healthy. Souad was taken to the UOSSM PHC and the nutrition technician screened little Souad for malnutrition. As suspected, the baby girl was suffering from severe acute malnutrition. She only weighed 13 pounds. She didn’t even have the energy to crawl or learn.

Souad was placed under a treatment plan. The UOSSM nutrition team educated Souad’s mother on the importance of treating malnutrition and she agreed to bring her baby once a week to the center during the entire treatment plan. In just one month Souad gained three pounds. The beautiful baby began to gain strength and even started crawling! After five months of treatment Souad reached a healthy weight of 18 pounds, and is no longer considered malnourished. Souad will continue to strive and grow as she fought and beat the malnutrition that was making her weak.