Ambulance System Point Targeted in Maarat Al-Nouman, Syria

Dallas, Texas-   An ambulance system point was directly targeted today, June 27, at 12:55 pm Damascus time, damaging two ambulances and causing major damage to the building, windows and doors. The facility was put out of service. No casualties were reported. Ambulances are discharged from this point to help those wounded in attacks and transport them to area hospitals. Just one week ago an ambulance, transporting a wounded victim of an attack was targeted by an airstrike killing three paramedics and the patient.
Since April 28, 27 medical facilities have been attacked and put out of service and at least 60 other medical facilities have suspended operations due to the continuous bombings leaving the area of Northern Hama and Southern Idlib in a state of emergency.
UOSSM staff on the ground in conjunction with local health directorates report at least 400 civilians have been killed (including at least 150 children), over 1,000 have been injured and 400,000 IDPs displaced by bombardment on civilian areas.
Dr. Khaula Sawah, Vice President of UOSSM USA said, “We have repeated the same sentence over and over again to no avail. Targeting hospitals is a war crime, targeting civilians is a war crime, targeting civil facilities is a war crime. As the international community and the whole world continue to turn a blind eye to the atrocities, at least 3 million lives are at risk, including 1 MILLION CHILDREN! We call on all responsible parties…anyone with a heart must stop this before we end up with a mass catastrophe.”
*due to the situation on the ground numbers are constantly changing
Ambulance System Point Targeted