Aleppo, Syria is Experiencing Medical Crisis as Beds/Supplies Are Being Depleted Due to Indiscriminate Mass Airstrikes and Killings

Cincinnati, OH-  Aleppo is in a state of emergency as area hospitals have run out of beds and patients are receiving surgical operations on hospital floors. Equipment is running low and the airstrikes are at a constant pace in the besieged area of Aleppo. Doctors are stressed out; many have been without sleep for the past 48 hours. In the past weekend alone over 300 civilians have been killed and at least 600 injured, including 44 children.

“What is happening now in Aleppo is nothing short of a human catastrophe, whatever area hospitals that are still operating are running on full capacity, we had two children that had to share a bed and ventilator because of how low our equipment and space is. When you have surgeons operating on patients on the bare floor that is nothing short of a disaster “said Dr. Bakri M.

This comes as an intense aerial bombing campaign has been raining on the besieged area of Aleppo for the past week, leaving at least 600 civilians dead and over 1600 wounded, at least 80 of those are children, according to reports on the ground.

Bunker busters have also emerged in the past few days, these bombs have the capacity to destroy fortified hospitals, medical points and underground shelters (where tens of thousands are taking shelter) at high risk. In addition, three out of four of the Syrian Civil Defense (The White Helmets) response centers have been attacked leaving one completely destroyed, this will leave many victims out of the reach of emergency response teams.

The water supply station of Bab Nayrab, that provides water to 1.5 million has also been damaged.

For the survival of our patients and staff UOSSM pleads for immediate measures to be taken and asks all citizens to demand this from their governments. UOSSM asks for private and government donations to immediately support clinics in Aleppo. UOSSM will continue its work despite the dangerous conditions and incredible challenges. UOSSM staff is committed to providing care to everyone in need, regardless of race, religion or politics.

Dr. Khaula Sawah, CEO of UOSSM USA said,  “These atrocities against humanity are deplorable and unacceptable. Immediate action by the international community, the United Nations, and all responsible parties must be enforced now, we demand swift and immediate action to stop the killing; never before in modern history has this type of mass killing been allowed to happen at such intensity for such an extended period of time without serious action and intervention by the international community. This storyline will never be forgotten; it will go down in history books as a time when all of humanity turned a blind eye to the atrocities in Aleppo. Blood is on everyone’s hands who did not put a stop to the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians.”