55 Medical Facilities Crippled After Bombings in Syria (Continued)

55 Medical Facilities Crippled After Bombings in SyriaDallas, Texas- The entire medical system of Northern Hama and Southern Idlib, Syria, is in a state of emergency, with 55 medical facilities shut down after a month of continuous bombing. Since April 28, 25 medical facilities have been bombed, with some hospitals hit by airstrikes on multiple days.
With the majority of medical facilities shut down, hundreds of thousands of civilians and IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) are left without any access to medical care.
In a region of Southern Idlib, only one hospital is left serving a population of over 500,000. The use of phosphorous (incendiary weapons) and barrel bombs in addition to airstrikes has created an apocalyptic landscape for civilians.
UOSSM staff on the ground in conjunction with local health directorates report 347 civilians have been killed (including at least 75 children), over 1,000 have been injured and 400,000 IDPs displaced by bombardment on civilian areas.
Dr. Khaula Sawah, Vice President of UOSSM USA said, “The situation in Idlib is devastating, we have seen horrific pictures of children killed in unimaginable ways. One picture that will forever be ingrained in my mind is that of a child’s remains that were put in a box because his body was blown apart, all while it was supposed to be a time of celebration for Syrians. Children deserve better than this. I implore the international community to take a stand and do what’s right. Stop the carnage… stop the bloodshed…. stop the attacks on innocent civilians and stop the attacks on medical facilities. I fear what will happen if these crimes are allowed to continue by this cruel world. I would love to know: where is humanity?”
55 Medical Facilities Crippled After Bombings in Syria